ClearWasteTM - CW2.50E Bare | CW5.00E Bare​


  • Green: ClearWaste™ requires no fuel and releases no harmful emissions
  • Low operations & maintenance cost
  • Modular & mobile
  • Self-sustainable
  • Safe & user-friendly
  • Robust
  • Durable


  • Up to 5000 kg per day
  • Handles all types of waste except metal, glass, ceramics and construction waste
  • Can handle moisture content up to 80%
  • Continuous operation is possible
  • Processing ability depends on the moisture content ratio, state of raw materials and weather
  • No need to heat up forcibly to high temperatures by burners which is common with traditional incinerators
  • Low running cost
  • Does not require gas, fuel, diesel or electricity for thermal decomposition
  • Only emissions released is water vapour


2.5 tonnes/5 tonnes per day


105/210 kg/hr


100/200 kg/day or 4%


Water vapour




Model CW2.50E Bare CW5.00E Bare
Processing Capacity
2.5 tonnes/day
5 tonnes/day
Input Capacity
105kg / h
210kg / h
Processing Volume
Approx 0.27m3 / h
Approx 0.4m3 / h
Water Vapor
Water Vapor
Ecodust - 100kg / day (4%)
Ecodust - 200kg / day (4%)
Power Source
Electric Powered
Electric Powered
Power Consumption
12kW AC
12kW AC
Gas filtration media, gas filtration liquid, cartridge filter and bag filter
Gas filtration media, gas filtration liquid, cartridge filter and bag filter
Gas Filtration Media
Gas Filtration Liquid
800 litre/year
800 litre/year
Cartridge Filter
30 sets/year
30 sets/year
5.5m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 2.25m(H)
5.5m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 2.25m(H)
Loading Chamber
Overall Weight of Unit
5 tonnes
6 tonnes

1. What is ClearWaste™?

ClearWaste™ is a technologically advanced product made to handle all types of domestic waste (with up to 80% moisture content) and plastic waste.

2. How is ClearWaste™ different from currently available methods?

ClearWaste™ can handle all types of domestic and plastic waste except metal, glass and ceramic (which are recyclable materials).
The Unit processes these wastes into EcoDust.

3. What is the capacity of ClearWaste™?

The Unit comes in 2 sizes:

  • 2.5 tonnes/day
  • 5 tonnes/day

4. How big is ClearWaste™?

ClearWaste™ is compact and occupies a single parking lot. The weight of a bare unit ranges from 5 tonnes (CW 2.50E) to 6 tonnes (CW 5.00E). A containerized unit weighs 15 tonnes.

5. Key advantages of ClearWaste™

  • Small, Compact and Modular
  • Suitable for de-centralised operations
  • Suitable for all types of environments
  • Occupies a small space
  • Mobile and agile
  • Smoke is filtered and chemically treated before discharge
  • Handles all types of waste except for metal, glass and ceramic
  • Continuous operation is possible
  • Low running cost and operating cost
  • By-product known as EcoDust generated can be recycled for use as fertiliser, building construction material, etc.